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Group Introduction

Guangxi Tongwang group, composed of Guangxi toone law firm, Guangxi toone Applied Law Research Institute, Guangxi toone investment group, China's only "Law (Law), research (Research Institute), enterprises (enterprises)" the integration of the joint development of high-end integrated service providers, to provide legal services for customers, research and application legal issue, listed companies, tax planning, professional continuing education and training, intellectual property, private equity funds, management consulting and other high-end integrated services.

Guangxi Tongwang law firm profile

Guangxi Tongwang law firm was founded in 1996, under the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Bureau of justice, the direct leadership and management, the Department of the Guangxi area's largest and most strict management, professional division of labor is most clear and comprehensive service ability is the best one of the law firms.

"[] toone" meaning ", meaning" of one heart and one mind, and look forward to "deliver the goods".

[the] toone honors Wang has won the "national outstanding law firm", "national legal aid advanced collective", "Guangxi top 10 law firm", "Guangxi outstanding law firm" title, and, since 2002, all 4 national excellent law firm in the evaluation, the comprehensive toone comparison of total score ranked first in Guangxi law firm. From 2011 to 2015, the three consecutive toone was selected for the prestigious academic journal "Journal of American global engineering construction field engineering news record" and "building China times" jointly elected the Chinese "the most recommended 10 Chinese Engineering Office of legal counsel".

Look forward to the work of Party construction made outstanding achievements. The Communist Party of Guangxi Chinese Tongwang law office party branch has repeatedly been Guangxi district Party committee, Guangxi District Justice Bureau party named "advanced grassroots party organizations, autonomous region directly under the authority of the judicial department of advanced grass-roots party organizations".

[infrastructure] with the hope of the Wang Institute is a focus on the basis of the construction of law firms. At present, the total owned property office area amounted to 4700m2, among them, the Nanning general office building area of 2800M2, Liuzhou, Qinzhou, Wuzhou branch of the office area were 600m2, 660m2 and 700m2; all have to ensure timely on-site to provide service cars more than 90 vehicles were established; the OA system of LAN, and customers docking sites and can realize, office and service conditions of modernization, has been walking in the forefront of the region and even the national law firm.

[scale and team construction of the Institute] Wang toone is located in Nanning, Liuzhou, Qinzhou and Wuzhou in the city to set up a branch.

[Wang] the standardization construction of toone Guangxi region law peer-reviewed rules among the most perfect, the most stringent management of the firm. Firms in the standard service content, strengthen the supervision of service quality management and other aspects of the development of a series of rules and regulations, and set up a special customer service management center for customer service and quality supervision and management responsibilities. In operation since 1996 20 years have not had any complaints with Wang, has won wide acclaim from all sectors of society, strict service quality management has become one of the core competitiveness of the toone.

[] the professional construction efforts go toone toone professional development road. At present, in addition to the reasonable layout of service area in Nanning, Liuzhou, Qinzhou, Wuzhou City, set up firm: Construction Engineering and real estate department of legal affairs, investment and financing of securities and insurance company legal affairs department, tax department of legal affairs, intellectual property legal affairs department, Labor Department of legal affairs and international trade and other foreign-related legal affairs, maritime law affairs, criminal law and criminal defense risk prevention and control of the Department of legal affairs, legal counsel for the government and administrative litigation legal affairs department, the Internet legal affairs department, transportation logistics and accident handling legal affairs, marriage family law department, medical department of legal affairs and the Department of legal affairs 14 professional departments.

[results] the scientific research and the great importance of research and look forward to look forward to the theory and practice of legal issues, and achieved the following results: Wang lawyers in the Legal Publishing House Publishing is the "construction contract", "the construction project contract disputes judicial interpretation" and "frontier bank law related cases" and other works was founded; the Guangxi firms published the first and only remain stable and publishing legal theory journal "law" by reference toone, regularly to customers; by the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Department of education, the Academic Degrees Committee assessed as "practical skills of Guangxi University law students joint training base"; by the Ministry of education, the central political and Law Commission assessment for China "excellent legal talent training plan in the implementation of the unit.

Guangxi Institute of Applied Law Wang

Guangxi Institute of Applied Law toone sponsored by the Guangxi Wang law firm with Wuhan University School of law, Guangxi University School of law, Guangxi Normal University law school area outside the famous universities as the basis, approved by the Guangxi District Bureau of justice, the Civil Affairs Department was established in January 2016, is the first one is the only independent legal personality of the private application the law research institute.

Guangxi Tongwang Applied Law Institute currently has set up a government legal adviser of Guangxi ASEAN International Trade Practice and legal practice, the construction of the legal practice, land development and utilization of legal practice and legal practice, financial and securities tax legal practice, enterprise legal risk prevention and control, protection of intellectual property rights in legal practice, the post